Titleist Performance Institute Golf Training Program

TPI is the world’s leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. 25 of the top 30 professional golfers have a team consisting of TPI certified experts consisting of medical professionals, fitness coaches, and movement specialists. Whether you’re an avid golfer who wants to improve his/her game or an amateur that wants to play pain free for a long time, our TPI professional will help you reach your goals with our TPI physical screen and individualized training program designed to address the players limitations.

Key Areas of the Assessment Include

  1. Proper alignment/posture
  2. Hip mobility
  3. Shoulder mobility
  4. Mid back (thoracic spine) mobility
  5. Able to disassociate upper and lower body
  6. Core stability/strength

TPI Certified Golf Evaluation/Training Prices and Breakdown

1st Session: $95

Conversation about overall pain/dysfunction and goals of the player
TPI physical screen/assessment to identify biomechanical mobility/stability dysfunction and the body swing connection
Videotaped swing of the player
Specific 1 on 1 correctional training that focuses on the mobility/stability deficits

TPI Screen Plus Additional 3 Training Session Package: $260

45 minute 1 on 1 individualized golf training program to enhance power, club head speed, and overall distance in a pain free, efficient way
Monitor swing each session to determine progress

TPI Screen Plus Additional 5 Session Training Package: $380

Each Additional 1 Training Session: $60


“There’s not 1 way to swing a golf club, there’s an infinite ways to swing a golf club, but there’s 1 efficient way for you to swing a golf club based on what you can physically do.” -Dr. Greg Rose

Titleist Performance Institute Golf Training Program Providers

Greg Bobal, DC

3825 Henderson Blvd Suite 307, Tampa, FL 33629, USA

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