Does This Describe You?

  • Looking to open an office, but don’t know where to start?
  • A new practice owner struggling to get off the ground?
  • An existing practice owner that is overburdened with administrative work while treating patients?
  • Looking to improve operations and financial performance?
  • Concerned about corporatization of healthcare and how insurance companies are dictating your treatment plans for your patients?
  • Easing into retirement and looking for an exit strategy?

PHC supports clinical owners by offerings a suite of services to differentiate patient experience, and improve operations and financial performance

Patient Experience

Concierge style personal treatment via team-based care environment to improve patient outcomes

  • 30 minute, 1x1 interactions between doctor and patient are engineered to create trust and collaboration
  • Qualitative / quantitative assessments every 2 weeks to show patient progress

Convenience and easy access to care team:

  • All offices have expanded hours at least 3 days / week
  • 24/7 Live patient reception service
  • HIPAA compliant text system with live audio/video session capability
  • Online patient portal for scheduling and patient medical records

Streamlined and Optimized Back Office Solutions

PHC provides a turn-key office management solution so all you need to do is treat patients and enter notes into the EHR

Marketing & Advertising:

  • Direct Marketing Campaigns & Outreach
  • Improved Digital Footprint via SEO and web landing pages


  • Negotiated EHR and billing rates (covers billing, accounting reports, AR, collections)
  • Virtual check-in and Self-Service Scheduling Platform

Business & Growth Strategy to Drive Financial Performance

Access to PHC process, systems, and in-house expertise to improve business performance


  • Support due diligence and business case development for new practice locations and office expansions
  • Engage in demographic, competitive, and benchmarking analyses
  • Increase digital footprint by leveraging marketing and advertising scale benefits

Business Performance:

  • Reduce your practice cost base by leveraging optimized PHC processes and back-office scale benefits
  • Provide coaching on effective coding to yield revenue uplift

We have extensive experience partnering with new and existing practices - our goal is to make your life easier!

“PHC helped successfully launch my
practice by providing a step-by-step plan
(from location scouting to billing)”

—Shrewsbury, MA Startup

“PHC allowed me to focus my time on
treating patients – they took care of the rest
(e.g., marketing, scheduling, billing etc.)”

—Clinic Owner

“PHC assisted with location scouting and
occupancy certication, insurance
credentialing, and tax ID/LLC formation.”

—Tampa, FL Startup

PHC increased my practice protability
without me having to work more”

—Edgewater, NJ M&A

Reduction in Non-Clinical Tasks Result in Increased Clinician Capacity

Potential benefits include:

  • Improved work / life balance via less work intensity to achive same gross collectives
  • Increase patient load to due to increased clinician capacity

Non-Clinical Tasks include: notes, billing, scheduling, marketing, etc.

Partnering with us enables patients to enjoy PHC's concierge-style personalized chiropractic, physical therapy, and wellness treatments at affordable rates.

That Translates to Real Benefits from Patients

Casey M.

As a very active runner, it was great to get both treatment and advice from a Chiropractor with a background in personal training.  My first visit and examination was extraordinarily thorough and pinpointed every area of pain.  If you’re an active person battling discomfort, I can’t recommend Dr Eckert enough. 


Dr. Goldberg was able to help me with my hip pain and neck pain, after only 3-4 visits my pain was gone. Dr Goldberg gave me a great adjustment but also used these tools on me called Graston tools which helped a lot. I would recommend Dr. Goldberg for any soft tissue, neck, back, shoulder, knee, hip pain.

Brad L.

One of the most knowledgeable providers that I have ever been treated by. I have seen Dr. Ingui for various sports related injuries. The Dr. has an amazing laser therapy machine that is the same rehab tool that many professional athletes are treated with. I have never seen a chiropractor that focuses on sports medicine and delivers care at this level for amateur athletes. I have really had some great success from my treatment plans and have gotten back into running much sooner than I was expecting. Overall a great doctor.

Maria M.

Dr. ingui is personable and professional. He makes you feel welcomed from the moment you enter the door. My previous experience with a chiropractor wasn’t great. Dr. Ingui reassured me and has me feeling my best again. Highly recommend!

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