The Problem with Relying on Medications for Low Back Pain

It’s safe to assume that all of us have an over-the-counter pain reliever like Aleve or Ibuprofen in our medicine cabinets at home.  From a young age, we learn to have these on hand to help us find short-term relief from temporary headaches or other body aches and pains.  We’re looking for immediate symptom relief… […]

The Surprising Cause of Your Leg Pain: Your Back!

Let’s go ahead and lay all our collective cards out on the table.  Most of us spend way, way more time sitting at our computers or sitting down with our digital devices than we know we should.  And, honestly, most of us are living with aches or pains as a result that we don’t really […]

The Movement Solution for Back Pain Relief

When we feel pain in our low back, what’s the first thing many of us tend to think?  We need to lie down. We need to sit down. We need to rest so our back will feel better. We may think we need to reach for a bottle of Aleve – maybe a heating pad.  […]

Say Goodbye to Low Back Pain: Understanding the Causes

For many of us, gone are the days where we can clean the house, go for a walk, play with the kids, play with our pets, or, if we’re being honest, simply go to sleep without putting ourselves at risk for neck or low back pain.  Sound familiar?  Surprise sleep injuries aside, if you’re all […]