Try These 3 Chiropractor-Approved Tips for Reducing Holiday Stress

Bottom Line: We all know someone who gets sick around the holidays every year.  Are they just unlucky?  Well, while it probably would have helped if someone had shared some tips for reducing holiday stress like those, we’re about to share with you (insert *fake cough*) … Thankfully, luck doesn’t have anything to do with […]

3  Unique Ways Chiropractors Can Help Relieve Holiday Stress

Bottom Line: Did you know… chronic stress – especially chronic holiday stress – can contribute to health challenges like anxiety and even back pain.  Why?  When your body is in a constant state of stress, it produces hormones that can disrupt almost all your body’s natural processes.  That’s one of the big reasons discovering healthy […]

How Holiday Stress Affects the Body (and How Chiropractic Can Help)

Bottom Line: Your stress level and spinal health are linked through your nervous system.  Just think about what happens to you physically when you get stressed out.  More specifically, think about how holiday stress affects the body.  Your muscles tense, your breathing patterns change, and often, so does the way you move.  As the leading […]

Got Chronic Holiday Stress? Chiropractic Can Help.

Bottom Line: As the leading chronic pain chiropractor, we know a thing or two about stress and the effects it can have on our neighbors before, during, and after the holiday season.  And stress can be a good thing.  If a lion were chasing you, an increase in heart rate, muscle tension, and focus would […]