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Founded in 2015 by Dr. Michael Ingui, Performance Health Clinics with offices in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Florida focus on personalized care in a concierge setting. Our group has a team of dedicated professionals who help their patients achieve their specific health goals. At PHC, we are committed to your health and well-being by providing you with high quality care using the most evidence-based treatments. Our providers will help you through your current problem(s) to achieve better health and help you stay active.

Recent Articles

Move Better, Play Better: Improving Biomechanics for Athletes

May 24, 2023

Move better, play better.  Move better, feel better. Move better, age better. Move better, train better.  The list goes on! Is it any wonder there are entire professions like chiropractic dedicated to helping ensure your body moves its best so it can function its best and you can feel its best?  That said… is it […]

The Natural Advantage: Chiropractic Care for Improved Athletic Performance

May 17, 2023

I’ve got one name for you: Michael Jordan.  Let’s face it.  I may not “be like Mike” when it comes to my athletic talents and my name may not be recognized outside of the wonderful community that… But like me, he understood the power of chiropractic care for improved performance before the secret was out.  […]

Unlock Your Athletic Potential: The Benefits of Chiropractic Care

May 10, 2023

We’ve made it to the big leagues! Nearly all professional sports teams – baseball, hockey, football, and soccer – now have chiropractors on staff. If you could only see the smile on my face – the secret is out!  Even the local high-school teams understand the benefits of chiropractic care for athletes and are all-in. […]

Play Hard, Recover Better: Proactive Health Habits for Weekend Sports

May 3, 2023

“Play hard or go home.” It’s funny how one of my go-to catch-phrases has taken on a new life since my becoming a chiropractor, especially after working with so many athletes.  So. Many. Avoidable. Injuries.  Now “play hard AND go home” seems more appropriate! Bottom Line: Millions of people engage in weekend sports to stay […]

The Problem with Relying on Medications for Low Back Pain

April 26, 2023

It’s safe to assume that all of us have an over-the-counter pain reliever like Aleve or Ibuprofen in our medicine cabinets at home.  From a young age, we learn to have these on hand to help us find short-term relief from temporary headaches or other body aches and pains.  We’re looking for immediate symptom relief… […]

The Surprising Cause of Your Leg Pain: Your Back!

April 19, 2023

Let’s go ahead and lay all our collective cards out on the table.  Most of us spend way, way more time sitting at our computers or sitting down with our digital devices than we know we should.  And, honestly, most of us are living with aches or pains as a result that we don’t really […]

The Movement Solution for Back Pain Relief

April 12, 2023

When we feel pain in our low back, what’s the first thing many of us tend to think?  We need to lie down. We need to sit down. We need to rest so our back will feel better. We may think we need to reach for a bottle of Aleve – maybe a heating pad.  […]

Say Goodbye to Low Back Pain: Understanding the Causes

April 5, 2023

For many of us, gone are the days where we can clean the house, go for a walk, play with the kids, play with our pets, or, if we’re being honest, simply go to sleep without putting ourselves at risk for neck or low back pain.  Sound familiar?  Surprise sleep injuries aside, if you’re all […]

The 3 Most Common Injuries We See with Collision Accidents

March 29, 2023

Bottom Line: Whether you are just driving to work or taking a big family vacation, an unexpected car accident can cause painful injuries that impact you for months and years to come.  The weight of your vehicle combined with motion and speed can create a tremendous amount of force.  Even low-speed collisions can generate enough […]